About Me

Born to two of the industry’s most talented gospel singers, JAMISON is no stranger to the art of music. The Detroit-raised singer spent his youth as a drummer touring the country with several mainstream gospel quartets, then became their background singer by the age of nineteen. Not long after, the artist known as “JAMISON” emerged, ready to share his voice with the world.

After years of perfecting his craft he went on to release hit singles, and his first EP, “Acoustic Thoughts” became critically acclaimed. However, along with refining his life’s soundtrack, JAMISON also spent that time learning, growing, and evolving into the person he is today. Under his cool, calm demeanor lies a spirit that’s larger than life – something that he channels into both his music and his being as identified in his latest release “Only if…”.

With his smooth vocals and genuine presence, JAMISON evokes an honest, authentic lifestyle through which he encourages others to be their truest selves. In hosting parties, ushering in events, and in being the celebrity ambassador for Martell, and newly signed style influencer for Happy Socks® he travels the country inspiring those around him to live life as he does: celebrating each new day, living unapologetically, and always having a good time.

JAMISON is more than just a singer. He’s an influence, an experience, a lifestyle.



JAMISON is currently working with on several projects in Atlanta, New York, Houston and Las Vegas. He is always open to meeting new prospects and discussing how he can help others love what they do!

For booking information or inquiries about new or existing activations, please feel free to contact The Lovers Team.

THE LOVERS TEAM 2625 Piedmont Rd NE #56-601
Atlanta, GA 30324